Put Alaska First Launches New TV Ad Defending Mark Begich

Group Fights Back Against Out Of State, False Attacks

(Anchorage, AK) In response to a false, out of state TV ad that used a paid actress to attack Mark Begich, Put Alaska First launched a new ad today to set the record straight.

The 30 second ad, which begins airing today across the state, features Megan Collie from Anchorage highlighting how Begich is trying to fix health care law.

“I’m not an actress. I live here. And I trust Mark Begich” Collie says in the ad. “He’s trying to fix the health care law. He turned down federal help to pay for his insurance. He signed up on the same website with the same plans and costs available to the rest of us.”

Senator Begich signed himself up to receive health care through the health exchange that is available to all Alaskans. He also turned down the federal government subsidy to help pay for his insurance.

“Mark knows how important making sure health care reform works for Alaskans,” said Jim Lottsfeldt Senior Advisor to Put Alaska First. “Mark is using the same Alaskan web site, to get the same plan as other Alaskans, and we are not going to let a bunch of out of state billionaires use paid actresses to attack him.”

“We’d be better off with a few more senators like Mark, and a few less paid actors twisting the truth,” Collie concludes in the ad.

View the full ad here.

Put Alaska First is a nonpartisan group that supports candidates who can develop Alaska’s resources, educate our children and create jobs. In addition to supporting candidates who are good for Alaska, the PAC hopes to increase participation in the 2014 election by registering voters and encouraging the people of Alaska to become educated about the election.

“Outside interests spend millions of dollars to influence Alaskan voters. Alaskans, not outsiders, should pick our elected officials,” said Lottsfeldt.