Put Alaska First PAC Seeks to Engage Voters

Nonpartisan Super PAC created to increase voter participation among Alaskans.

ANCHORAGE - The 2014 US Senate and House elections may be more than a year away, but efforts are already in the works to encourage Alaskans to vote. The Put Alaska First Political Action Committee is a new nonpartisan Super PAC formed to support candidates by engaging and educating voters in the upcoming process.

The Division of Elections says less than 60 percent of voters turned out for the 2012 election, one of the lowest statewide turnouts in a presidential election since 1996. Put Alaska First PAC wants to increase voter participation because Alaskans, not outsiders, should pick our elected officials.

“Outside interests spend millions of dollars to influence Alaskan voters. Alaskans need to get engaged and think independently to truly control the direction of the state,” said Jim Lottsfeldt, Senior Advisor of Put Alaska First PAC.

The PAC hopes to increase voter participation in the 2014 election by registering voters and encouraging the people of Alaska to educate themselves about the candidates.

“The primary goal is to encourage people to be educated and to vote. An informed choice is a good choice for Alaska,” Lottsfeldt said. “We will support candidates that will have a positive impact on the Alaska economy. As a nonpartisan group, we are not interested in the paralyzing partisanship that hurts Alaska’s ability to develop our resources, educate our children, and preserve our liberties. We will support candidates that Put Alaska First.”

Put Alaska First is a non-partisan organization of individuals, associations and businesses that wish to impact the 2014 Federal election and to encourage voter participation among all Alaskans. The PAC is registered with the Federal Election Commission. Contributors will be reported quarterly to the Federal Election Commission.

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