Put Alaska First Super PAC Focuses on 2014

PAC names Senior Advisor and launches website

ANCHORAGE - A new Super PAC is gearing up for the 2014 federal election. The Put Alaska First PAC is primed to support federal candidates for the upcoming election and has named media consultant Jim Lottsfeldt as Senior Advisor.

“We are a nonpartisan group and will support candidates who can develop Alaska’s resources, educate our children and create jobs. We will support candidates who Put Alaska First,” Lottsfeldt said.

In addition to supporting candidates who are good for Alaska, the PAC hopes to increase participation in the 2014 election by registering voters and encouraging the people of Alaska to become educated about the election.

“Outside interests spend millions of dollars to influence Alaskan voters. Alaskans, not outsiders, should pick our elected officials,” said Lottsfeldt.

More information about Put Alaska First is available by following @PutAlaskaFirst on Twitter and by visiting www.alaskafirst.org. Jim Lottsfeldt is owner and principal of Lottsfeldt Strategies and Lottsfeldt & Associates. His biography can be found by visiting www.lottsfeldt.com.

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